Overall Business Consulting

I have both a strong accounting and IT background and with those skills am able to help my clients find significant cost savings or automation potential within their business environment. Additionally, I can help with project management of significant undertakings or help develop solutions to pending regulation change within an industry.

Reporting an Analysis Consulting

With a strong analytical background and extensive knowledge of reporting software packages, I'm able to analyze past business data to gather information to empower management to make more accurate and timely decisions.

Web Development and Design

Today more than ever it's essential for even the smallest and most analog businesses to have a presence on the web. Without a presence on the web a company is losing significant portions of their business, especially among younger clientele, who research a business online before ever commencing business. In addition to building websites, I can help companies integrate existing web technologies into their marketing strategy, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all essentially free business opportunities to expose your brand to more clientele.

Programming and Scripting

Within a network environment there are many ways to get information and move things around. I have extensive knowledge of scripting specifically within a Windows environment which can assist in automating even the most mundane of tasks.